Shattered Earth

Fifth Session Log

This time things were different.

After catching yoru breathe and resting from the prevous week, the other Silverwings asked for your help to map out and raid the Djarta’s household. You fought some Rotting Flesh Golems, an Ogre, and a group of Skeletons led by a fighter who controlled them. You “found” some traps cough,cough, solved a puzzle, and found a legion of people trapped in time, from perhaps before the Shattering. Also, there was loot.

Coming into this adventure you had 4530xp.

  • The Flesh Golems were EL5 for 1800xp or 300xp/player
  • There was an EL2 trap you ‘cleared’ for 600xp = 100xp/player
  • You fought a tough EL5 Ogre for 1800xp or 300xp/player
  • You solved the statue/key puzzle for 1350xp or 225xp/player
  • You fought the final warrior and his skeletons for 3600xp or 600xp/player
  • You got a quest reward of 100xp/player for doing the dungeon at the request of your fellow Silverwings

That’s 300+100+300+225+600+100 = 1625xp. That plus the 4530 you had gives you… 6155xp.

DING. Welcome to level 4.

Emily also received a faction token for the Silverwings, for her brilliant idea to make the warrior dance, and making that battle that much easier! You can use a Silverwing token to help you with your fellow Adventurer’s League members, if you need a favor or something special.


JoeTortuga JoeTortuga

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