Shattered Earth

First XP Rewards

First Session Rewards

There were seven of you there for the first session.

You took on 7 first level gang members, and were able to neutralize them without harming any of them. That’s worth 900xp, with a 100xp bonus for solving it without any problems.

Kadja and Rheydan got a faction token with Underside Gangs since they worked hard to keep any damage from the boys, as well.

You defeated a level 2 ice elemental, for 600 xp, and Andrisha returned part of it to the Casters’ Guild for another 50 xp. Andrisha also got a faction token with the Casters’ Guild.

You solved the mystery of the missing coal, for another 150 xp bonus.

XP gets spread out for everyone so the rewards break down like this:

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