Shattered Earth

Fourth Session Log

This week the party was approached again by Otieno Tanner and Jageera Razortooth to look into the coal issue again, as some was still being stolen.

Otieno Tanner : Follow-up, coal still going missing Time: 1 day
XP:100/character Danger: 1 of 5
Less coal is missing, but there still seems to be some pilfering going on. Please follow-up

They talked to Flynn & his gang, who pointed out that they were fine, and couldn’t get in there anymore, anyway. They also warned the party that something was going down, soon — the gangs were all being called in by the Saliery. Eventually, Phil was able to spy, and the party realized that one of the blacksmiths, by the name of Seamus had been stealing the coal to work on his own projects. Caught, he confessed, and that was the end of it.

At this point, Ormond, their fellow Silverwing, approached them about helping with the attack on the Saliery crime boss. The party was to defend an market square, and create a choke-hold to keep as few gang members as possible from coming through. The party was largely successful in this, defending against over 20 gang members, and only letting 3 through. Still, this pretty much wiped them out, and they needed rest.

Silverwings Request : Aid in reducing defenses Time: 1 day
XP:200/character Danger: 3 of 5
We want to take on Djarta, but need some help. See Ormond, if you guys think you can help


Coming into this day, the party had 2970xp

I’m not sure the exact makeup of the waves you fought off, but my DM intuition is that it was a two level 4s and two level 5 encounters. XP-wise that’s 1350 + 1350 + 1800 + 1800 = 6300 xp shared by everyone, or 1260xp apiece. There were 5 party members (Kadja, Adrisha, Phil, Rheydan, and Eliena)

So the breakdown:

  • 300 for quests
  • 1260xp for quests
    1560xp apiece, for a total of 4530xp, making you totally 3rd level, in fact halfway to 4th level (which is at 6000xp)
Fourth Session Log
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