Shattered Earth

Second Session Log

Just a quick description from a GM’s Point of View

As it was week two of their service, Kadja, Phil, Rheydan, and Emily (grr, keep forgetting to add her character) had Food Duty including feeding Petricalifax. They were informed that stealing Food, or depriving someone of shelter or food is a capital offense in Haven.

  • Wilhelm Mattias, a mage of the Casters’ Guild asked the group to get Ocularis, a special crystal, from the dragon. It can be used as a optical lens to improve his telescope and researches into the other islands outside of Haven. Kadja agreed to do this, and forgo her gem from the dragon.
  • While delivering the carts they were ambushed by Gustafson a fighter who demanded that they give over the food, or be killed. The party refused and captured Gustafson but not before his partner, Rosa was able to flee.
  • After resting, they delivered the final food cart to Petricalifax, which involved tying ropes on it and themselves, and jumping off the Edge. Someone had frayed the ropes, and several of them broke, but the group was able to get to the dragon successfully.
  • When Kadja asked for the Ocularis, the dragon responded, “So the time for that is now. You, more than anyone shall go farther than anyone in memory. Except for mine,” she said. and chuckled.
  • Petricalifax offered them a ride to the central place that the ropes were stored. The party was able to find out that an Orc and a Halfling had been the ones who cut the rope, but not who had done it. Perhaps it was Rosa but who was helping her, and what was she trying to accomplish?


JoeTortuga JoeTortuga

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