Shattered Earth

Second Session XP rewqards

I think in the future, I’ll do these as comments on the adventure log, since they more or less go together. That or a thread on the forum. What do people think?

Just to be clear about the process, xp is awarded to the whole group, then divided by the number of characters there that day to calculate a per character xp award. Then everyone, whether they were there or not, gets the award. Faction points will only be awarded to those present (and I hope they are valuable, if not we’ll try something else)

The initial battle was worth 2700xp, and the falling puzzle 1350xp. You got 100xp for completing the Food Delivery quest. Kadja gained a bonus 50xp for getting the crystal lens.

That’s a total of 4200 xp, or 1050 xp apiece. That puts everyone at 1310xp, which is good enough to level. Yay!

In recap:


JoeTortuga JoeTortuga

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