Shattered Earth

Third Session Log

(once again from the GM perspective)

This we we rolled out the Job Board which lists the current jobs available to those in the Adventure’s League. Feel free to peruse it (it’ll be up by the end of the day)

These are the elements that Kadja, Phil, Rheydan, Andrisha, (and emily!) chose:

Request: Zarastian Guard Duty Time: 1 day
XP:200/character, Faction Danger: 1 of 5
Protect Zarastian missionaries as they do good works in the Undercity

The party was to protect Olga — who is also the daughter of Wilhelm Mattias while she gave out food chits to the needy. (The Zarastians have their own gardens on the surface). They were attacked by a group of thugs led by an unknown Wizard and a female Monk (whom they captured). Rosa was there, and she aided the Olga, shooting the Monk, and taking Olga out of harms way. She turned Olga over to the party, and they captured her as well.

Both the wizard and monk had unique signet rings, which the party didn’t recognize.

Request: Aid the UHCF (Undercity Housing Task Force) Time: 1 day
XP:200/character, Faction Danger: 2 of 5
The UHTF claims to need an area of caves cleared of rats and other vermin. Request listed as per Council Resolution #23-B4. Note that the UHTF is a known alias for the Saliery Crime Syndicate.

The party met with two orcs from the UHTF (one was a miner, the other an interior decorator). They’d opened up a series of caves, but they’d been infested by rats and spiders. The Party killed them off, much to the pleasure of the UHTF. Kadja made overtures of friendship to the Orcs, in the hopes of developing contacts with the Saliery.

(beyond Rosa, I’m not sure who you captured and who died)


Everyone gets 400 xp (apiece) for doing the two quests, the players there each get a faction token for the Zarastians and one with (yes) the Saliery.

The battle in the marketplace was worth 2700xp and there were give players present, so 540xp each for that battle.

The battle with the giant rats was EL3, as was the one with the spiders, so they were worth 900 each, or 1800/5 = 360/character

So, to break it down:

  • 400 xp for quests
  • 540 xp for Zarastian battle
  • 360 xp for rats
  • 360 xp for spiders
    1660 xp total for this adventure

Combine that with the 1310 *xp you had and that gives you *2970xp, or just shy the 30xp points you need for level. Which I might normally spot you, but I don’t want to level characters again this week. {Certain forms of argument may change my mind.}

Third Session Log
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