Jageera Razortooth

Female Orc, Fighter 10, Citizen. Guild Rep for the Miner's Guild.


Jageera was a pit boss in the Haven City mines and was able to broker the merger of her guild into the the Mining, Construction, and Smithing Trade Group. Her work there got her sponsored in the Adventurer’s League. Her run there was quite successful, and she spent a lot of time on Minos forging allies in the Crystal Miners’ Guild and helping hew out some more space for people there.

As an Orc and a woman, she’s struggled to get respect, but her strength (both physical and of character) allowed her to earn positions running things in the Guild. Most people respect her, and those who have underestimated her have lived to regret it. She’s viewed as honorable, and treats others with the respect and deference they give her.

She’s currently the guild representative for her Guild.

Jageera Razortooth

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