Otieno Tanner

Tall very dark skinned human; Monk 5


Otieno’s father was a Citizen, and his father before him. His great-great-grandfather was one of the founders, and his family sponsored him to Citizenship. Before he joined the Adventurer’s League he studied at the Open Fist Monastery, a topside order in the midway out in the early morning. After his turn in the League, he joined the family business, which involves running several tanneries in the Eaves. It’s doubtful Otieno has ever done much tanning, but he’s aware of the process, and a decent manager.

His wife, Anna, holds a similar position amongst the Tailors, and their marriage cemented the alliance crating the Tailor and Tanner’s Guild. They’re well liked enough within their professions that they often alternate taking their Guild’s seat on the Council. Currently, though Otieno has held it for two years.

Otieno is a tall dark-skinned human. He’s kept up his monk training and often wears the ceremonial fighting robes of the order. He’s also quite fit for a man of his age (50s).

Otieno Tanner

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