Shattered Earth

Second Session XP rewqards

I think in the future, I’ll do these as comments on the adventure log, since they more or less go together. That or a thread on the forum. What do people think?

Just to be clear about the process, xp is awarded to the whole group, then divided by the number of characters there that day to calculate a per character xp award. Then everyone, whether they were there or not, gets the award. Faction points will only be awarded to those present (and I hope they are valuable, if not we’ll try something else)

The initial battle was worth 2700xp, and the falling puzzle 1350xp. You got 100xp for completing the Food Delivery quest. Kadja gained a bonus 50xp for getting the crystal lens.

That’s a total of 4200 xp, or 1050 xp apiece. That puts everyone at 1310xp, which is good enough to level. Yay!

In recap:

First XP Rewards

First Session Rewards

There were seven of you there for the first session.

You took on 7 first level gang members, and were able to neutralize them without harming any of them. That’s worth 900xp, with a 100xp bonus for solving it without any problems.

Kadja and Rheydan got a faction token with Underside Gangs since they worked hard to keep any damage from the boys, as well.

You defeated a level 2 ice elemental, for 600 xp, and Andrisha returned part of it to the Casters’ Guild for another 50 xp. Andrisha also got a faction token with the Casters’ Guild.

You solved the mystery of the missing coal, for another 150 xp bonus.

XP gets spread out for everyone so the rewards break down like this:

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    The Adventure Begins!
    • Andrisha, Kadja, Phil, Otto, Rheydan and Sho’ty (Shamil Murnig) meet at the Adventurer’s League on their first day for orientation.
    • After some basic rules and introductions, the group decide to take a job to get their feet wet in the guild.
    • The group is sent to Otieno Tanner, who explains a problem with being shortchanged on the coal they receive in exchange for the leather they send.
    • Otieno Tanner sends the group to talk to Jageera Razortooth, the guild rep for the Mining, Construction, and Smithing Trade Group.
    • Jageera Razortooth, although largely unhelpful, does give the party a contact in the mining area to try to get to the root of the problem.
    • Errol is a blacksmith who has been put in charge of the coal for only a short while. He has noticed that when he counts the coal when it comes it, it appears there is less the next day. Unfortunately, he is at a loss for the reason for this discrepancy.
    • Meanwhile, Sho’ty (Shamil Murnig) notices the floor is uneven under the coal. The coal is moved aside to examine the floor more closely.
    • Under the coal is a wooden trapdoor with a small hole. Errol is not sure if this has always been this way. The trapdoor is opened, and a lantern lowered to give the party a frame of reference for when they go searching for the other side in the caverns below.
    • Back to Jageera Razortooth, who gives the group a contact in the mining guid, a half-dwarf by the name of Rhonda, who provides the group with a map and leads them to the cavern in question.
    • The cavern is a section that has been dug too close to the outer wall, so production has stopped in this area and now it goes mostly unused. Despite this, there is fresh tracks and wheel ruts in the ground leading down another tunnel that is also unused, according to Rhonda.
    • Following the tunnel, the group is ambushed by a group of children, led by Flynn. After much grumbling, the group agreed to follow Kadja’s lead and subdue the children in order to question them.
    • After some childish posturing and threats from Flynn the party discovers the children have been stealing the coal because their home is suddenly very cold, and they have no where else to go.
    • Flynn agrees to lead the party to their home in the caves. Andrisha discovers magic behind one wall, but unfortunately DIDN’T MAKE THE ROLL so was unable to determine what exactly the magic was.
    • Kadja and Otto work to tear down the wall. A tiny, frozen elemental pops out, surprising the party as the elementals were supposed to have been wiped out.
    • The party successfully defeats the ice elemental, and Andrisha takes a sample of the fluid from its remains to the Casters’ Guild.

    See everyone there at my house 4/2 at 1pm. I know the announcment (and sorry for the duplicates) says 5 or 6— there’s something odd with OP’s Time zone thing. Check your profile.

    See you then!

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