Adventurer's League

The Adventurer’s League performs three functions for the Haven Alliance: first, they serve as a security force that can deal with both common and esoteric problems; second, everyone who passes through the Adventurer’s League becomes a character with class-levels and can serve in defense of the Alliance should such a need arise; third, only those who spend a year working in the League can be full voting Citizens of Haven. Because the League requires a rather large tuition to join, it is largely self-funding.

Organization of the League

The League is organized into five divisions. Each works on a rotating schedule, spending a month in each of five duty areas. Four of the divisions are assigned to a particular island, and the fifth is ad-hoc, with support duties for the Scepter. New recruits are added every six months, and evenly assigned across divisions. These teams work together for the entirely of their service with the League, with more experienced teams aiding and managing the newer ones. At any time a division will be made up of 4-8 teams, and there’s some competition over missions as there’s often potential for contacts, reward and so forth.

Current Divisions

Charter of the League

Mostly the League exists to stop civil unrest, and form the core of an army should Haven be attacked. In the close to 100 years since it was formed, there’s been no sign that anyone exists outside the the Haven Islands, but Petricalifax insisted that this was not only probable but likely. No one wants to upset the Ancient Dragon, so it was written into the League’s Charter.

The Charter is there to assure that the basic life-required services continue to operate. Anything that interferes with the trade of food, water, and crystal, or which interferes with any resident’s daily rations is a concern for the League. Some things which need doing fall slightly outside of that, and become optional missions which League teams can perform for reward (although the League takes a percentage, and a fee for listing the mission). Private Citizens (who have passed through the League) may also take these missions, although the League tries to discourage this.

Problems with the League

Since the only way to be a Citizen of Haven is to spend a year in the League, and since joining the League is prohibitively expensive, there’s some disparity and economic discrimination. This makes it easier for the richer denizens of Haven to be Citizens (since joining the League costs money), there is a tradition amongst the Guilds to sponsor from within, and there are several scholarships and prizes. Still the rich and guilds use this system to keep their power-base.

Adventurer's League

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