Coyn is a roughly coin-shaped bit of fertile topsoil that was blown off the Earth during the cataclysm. It’s only about 50 feet thick, but easily a few square miles on each side. The gravity plane runs down the center of Coyn, allowing for it’s large surface to be used for farming and agriculture.

There is a 50′×50′square cut out of the center of Coyn, which is used to transport goods between the two sides of Coyn. The island rotates, or ‘flips’ once per day, allowing both sides of the island to get sun. Water is imported from Baobab and food, leather, and wool are its primary exports.

The Farmer’s Guild is housed here. The primary farming settlement is Farm Town, a derisive name that was nonetheless descriptive. Few people actually live there, although there are some permanent residents, merchant stalls, an inn and a Adventurer’s League hostel. The portal and most of the livestock are on the same side as Farm Town, and so that side is the “heads” side.

Also on the heads size, near the western edge and opposite the wood elves’ reforestation project, is a halfling village. They were allowed to build up a small hill to balance out the trees that the wood elf settlement was attempting to grow on the other side.

The guild representative from the Farmer’s guild lives in Farm Town, and the borough representative tends to alternate between the halfling and elven villages.


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