Haven City

aven City sits atop The Scepter, and is the home of most of the people of the Haven Alliance, giving the Alliance it’s name.

To most, the City of Haven sits on the head of the The Scepter, but it actually extends down into the underground areas. Since building up causes problems with gravity, and since a large portion of the original residents of Haven were underground dwellers, it seemed logical to dig down. Digging also allowed for more overall space for living.

The city is divided into five boroughs, three on the surface, and two underground boroughs. {more detail needed}

The city is made up of a mix of almost every humanoid race from a colony of goblinoids, kobolds and dark elves, to dwarves (these groups making up the two underground boroughs), orcs, elves, humans, half-races and halflings live in the surface boroughs, although most of the Alliances’ halflings and elves live on Coyn, and a good portion of the dwarves and other under-dwellers also live on Minos

The Casters Guild tower is the tallest building in the center of town, as the council building was chosen to be low to the ground, and even extends underground. Few buildings are more than one or two stories, although that’s the changing now that the 100’ tall Caster’s Guild tower is completed. (By council law, any buildings can be built which are shorter than the tallest approved building.)

Haven City

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