Making an Adventurer

Making and Adventurer for to play in Haven Alliance is mostly the same as for regular D&D. I’ve noted here some of the differences for those who want to get a leg up and start work on it. I’d suggest talking to me (there are messages and forums here) about character concepts, but don’t worry too much. I can work with anyone directly to make characters, or we can wait until the first day to do it together.

Something To Think About

Everyone has joined the Adventurer’s League this cost 5000 gold, and a year of your life in service. The reward is that you’re a full Citizen of Haven, which procures you status, voting rights, and other intangible benefits. Also, a lot of people do fairly well in the League and afterwards, once they’ve made their reputation.

Some questions to think about then are, why did you join the League, and how did you afford it? You don’t need an answer now, but it will play into the Background you choose. Also think about which one of the four islands you came from (Druids, and probably only druids are from Baobab for instance).

Race and Class

I’d like to limit Classes to the standard PHB ones, plus Favored Soul. As far as Races go, pretty much all the playable races and monster races are represented somewhere in Haven. Some have level adjustments, which is complicated and frustrating, so we can talk about that if anyone wants to play a Dark Elf, or a Minotaur or something.

If you want to play a magic-casting character, talk to me first. I’ve made the most changes there, so it’s profoundly different, although I think it’ll be easier with less bookkeeping and complexity.

Pick a Background

Check out the Background page. If you’re a caster (Wizard, Sorcerer, Cleric, Favored Soul, Bard or Druid) then you have a required feat. If you’re not, then there’s some more options for you there. These backgrounds all deal with how you joined the League and come with benefits and debts, as well.


Normal D&D has an idea of absolute good or absolute law. When your gods are real and present, their ideas of those things make them so. But the gods of Shattered Earth are gone, and have taken their morality with them. I’m borrowing a concept from D20 Modern, and having characters take Allegiances.

These can be anything. A typically lawful good character would have an allegiance to law and to good (and order matters, here, which is more important?) You can have an allegiance to your guild, or to a concept (honor, greed, whatever). It’s a guiding principle for your character, and something important.

Pick one or two, they come with benefits, as people who share your allegiance will like you more, and those who are opposed won’t. It’s possible to have no allegiances, but even that says something about who your character is.


I usually do the roll 4d6, re-roll 1s, take the best 3 and place for stats. It makes kind of powerful characters, but I think it’s fun.

Final Word

Feel free to be creative. I’m unlikely to say no: Shattered Earth is still being designed, and there are only a few things I’ve decided about the world. Most of them are on the wiki. Anything you come up with will just add to the variety and depth of the world, for all of us to enjoy.

Making an Adventurer

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