Minos is a hollow chunk of ore that was originally deep within the core of the Earth. So deep, that magma monsters roam about it’s surface. Nevertheless, soon after the Cataclysm, Magicite was found inside it, along with the portal (and other magical) properties of Magicite.

Deep within Minos, living on the interior surface, in fact, a large culture of miners, and deep dwellers live, eking out there lives mining Magicite. Minos is different than the other islands (and most other objects left after the Shattered Earth) it’s gravity “plane” is actually more spherical, inhabiting a line halfway between the outer crust of Minos, and the inner ‘donut hole’ inside.

Thus if you were inside Minos, your feet would be towards the outside of Minos, and your head pointed to its center. The surface creatures all experience gravity the way it worked on Earth before the Cataclysm, leaving some to believe that perhaps Magicite is the force bending gravity away from its natural state.

Needless to say the Cystal Miners Guild is housed on Minos, and most of the people on Minos are members of the Guild. Over time, many dwarves, dark elves, and other creatures which prefer the dark have migrated away from Haven City’s underground boroughs, and taken up residence on Minos. They aren’t allowed to mine crystal without joining the guild, but many belong to other mining guilds, or are there to support the miners.

Minos imports water, air, and food, and some manufactured products and/or raw materials. They primarily export Magicite, along with some metal tools and some raw metals and gems that are rare on the Scepter.


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