The Zarastians are a sect of people who do good works, and gather knowledge.

They have an enclave in the Morning Quadrant of the surface of Haven City, halfway between Edge and Hub.

The Zarastians believe that the world was shattered as one of the gods tried to save it, but was trapped by forces he could not control. This cut him off from his worshipers (which is why Divine magic no longer works the way it did). They believe that the link can be recreated from worshiper to God, if only the worshipers were worthy and knowledgeable enough. Some believe this can be done via a perfect supplicant, while others believe it will take many worshipers to equal the power of the god.

Most believe that the gathering of knowledge lost in the shattering is key, as is the performance of good works in the world. The Zarastian faith or order is largely non-dogmatic, so there is a lot of variation of belief amongst them, and they accept anyone willing to connect with the divine as a brother or sister.

The Haven Council sees them as largely benign, as the Zarastian beliefs support the works of the council (restoring knowledge, and keeping Petricalifax happy.) Most feel they are foolish, since it’s a certainty they are gone, but the Casters’ Guild is largely silent on it, as some of their best wizards are Zarastian. Some religious groups oppose them directly, and others see an ally. Their relationship with the Saliery depends a lot on the two groups’ goals: in that the Saliery wish to deal with the wealth inequality and racism against the under-races, and the Zarastians see this as a good work. On the other hand, Zarastianism is largely a human/elf surface phenomenon, and their goals are often at odds to the Saliery (particularly their Crime Syndicate).


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